LYZCO (Huazhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Factory

LYZCO latex stretch loops.

  • Made of natural latex which is non-toxic to people's health
  • Designed to firm your upper and lower body strength for rehabilitation or fitness
  • Widely used while traveling, sitting at home or even in the office, Include: exercise, gym, balance, fitness, yoga, Pilate's, and stability and resistance.
  • Cost much less than other exercise equipment sold with claims of achieving similar results
  • Regular resistance level:
  • L x W x T:
    30 x 4 x 0.05cm
    30 x 8 X 0.035CM
  • Other size and level can be arranged

Contract manufacturing for private labeling and special Shape - OEM / OBM can be arranged.

LYZCO (Huazhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Factory

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