LYZCO (Huazhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Factory

LYZCO colors latex tubes.

  • Made of natural latex which is non-toxic to people's health
  • Natural Latex tubing has been used extensively in the health care industry. Known for its extreme flexibility, the applications has been expand to the other applications such as Drain tubing, Model glider launching, Exercise devices, Elastic band, Slingshots, Tourniquet bands, Non-aerol can lines etc.
  • Regular ID. & OD.(mm):
    5 x 9, 6x10, 7 x 11,  8 x 12
  • Other size can be arranged

Contract manufacturing for private labeling and special Shape - OEM / OBM can be arranged.

LYZCO (Huazhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Factory

LYZCO (Huazhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

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