LYZCO (Huazhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Factory

LYZCO specialise in manufacturing superior quality natural latex/rubber products.

  • Latex Stretch Bands
  • Latex Stretch Loops
  • Colors Latex Tubing
  • Natural Color Latex Tubing
  • I Shape Resistance Tubing
  • O Shape Resistance Tubing
  • Q Shape Resistance Tubing
  • 8 Shape Resistance Tubing
  • Dental / Oral Dams
  • Latex Sheet
  • Flat Latex Disposable Tourniquets
  • Tube Latex Disposable Tourniquets
  • Latex Free Disposable Tourniquets
  • Latex Heavy Duty Industrial Gloves
  • Latex Acid Poof Gloves
  • Latex Fisher Gloves
  • Latex Light duty Industrial Gloves
  • Latex Household Gloves
  • Latex Cleaning Gloves
  • Special Latex Tube for Fishing Gun
  • Special Latex Tube for Slingshot
  • Special latex tube for Anchor
  • Latex Swimming Caps
  • Latex Shoes Covers

Contract manufacturing for private labelling and special Shape - OEM / OBM can be arranged.

LYZCO (Huazhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd.

LYZCO (Huazhou) Rubber & Plastic Products Co.,Ltd

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